Knowledge Talks featuring Ever Meister

Posted on April 18th, 2019

Just last month, Cafe Imports editorial manager Ever Meister visited four cities in Australia as the featured speaker in the most recent outing of Toby’s Estate Coffee’s “Knowledge Talks” series. The series is designed to create an open, inviting, and accessible space for Australian coffee professionals to gather and hear different and typically international perspectives on various aspects of the industry, from opening and running coffee shops to analyzing scientific data to understanding the mind of the consumer and beyond.
Meister was the lucky 13th Knowledge Talks presenter, following in the footsteps of specialty-coffee luminaries like Peter Giuliano, Enrique Lopez, Colin Harmon, Morten Münchow, and Kim Elena Ionescu. Rather than give a straightforward lecture, she opted to create more of a conversation with the audience about coffee traceability and marketing ethics—two of her very favorite things to talk about and puzzle through, as anyone in the Cafe Imports office will tell you.
The conversations were slightly different in each city based on the responses from the crowd, but the Toby’s Estate crew was on-hand to film the Sydney event, which we’re pleased to share here with our customers and peers as well.
Meister would love to keep the conversation going, so if you watch her talk and come away from it with questions, thoughts, or ideas about traceability and marketing, she’d love to hear them. Feel free to e-mail her at