Link up with the coffee supply chain. 

Our coffee-education trips are designed to offer professionals of all experience levels to expand their knowledge and context of the supply chain: They are geared toward highlighting various aspects of coffee agriculture and cultivation, processing, technology, commercialization, and culture within specific producing communities. We specifically arrange these trips as opportunities for coffee professionals looking to gain a better understanding of coffee farming, milling, and export/import, and gain or build upon their understanding of coffee production.

Specialized curriculum has been developed to connect the dots in each coffee-producing country we visit. In addition to seeing production on farm visits, cupping coffees, and getting calibrated with one another, roasters joining us on any Coffee 101 trip can expect to come home with the necessary knowledge to translate to their customers the challenges and opportunities coffee farmers see on a daily basis in the field and at the mill.

While the focus of these trips is not on sourcing, attendees will have the opportunity to cup and potentially forward-contract lots based on tastings and conversations conducted during the time in-country.

Upcoming Coffee 101 Trips:

Costa Rica: February 4–9

Currently full. Accepting additions to the wait list.

Coffee 101 is open to any student of coffee who is curious, committed, and learns by doing. Brand-new baristas and seasoned roasters alike come away from this week with new information, insight, and context for coffee production, and we see and taste the entire process up close and personal. Site visits include Las Lajas Micromill, La Perla Del Cafe Micromill, Aguilera Brothers Micromill, Cerro San Luis Micromill, ICAFE, Crema Cafe, and Kahwah Cafe.

No experience necessary; purchasing coffee is not a primary focus, but there will be opportunities to identify and contract lots.

Trip Leaders: MeisterSimon Odentz and Luis Arocha