The best coffee producers in the world are never satisfied: They know that there’s always something else to be learned about coffee, to be investigated, to be applied, to be explored, and even sometimes to try again when things don’t go as planned the first time. More than anything — even more than their relentless obsession with coffee quality — we’ve found that the most innovative producers are also insatiably curious, and love to learn from and with one another.
In the spirit of not only celebrating our most innovative partners, but also to allow them to exchange ideas and information among each other, we are building a library of notes, videos, photos, and other rich media that will not only shine a much-deserved light on the work these coffee geniuses are doing, but also provide them the means to cross-pollinate and communicate amongst themselves, all across the globe.

Innovation Spotlight #4: Luiz Paulo Pereira

CarmoCoffees; Carmo de Minas, Brazil

Innovation: Processing experiments, variety selections, microlot-level quality

While the coffee industry hangs on Brazil’s every major move—the sheer annual production volume from this country actually swings the pendulum of supply, demand, and price of almost all coffees everywhere—sometimes it’s the smallest ones that make the most impact. In Carmo de Minas, some of the most micro innovations are happening thanks in part to Luiz Paulo Pereira….(read more)

Innovation Spotlight #3: Francisca & Oscar Chacon

Las Lajas Micromill; Central Valley, Costa Rica

Innovation: Processing innovation through method and sensory analysis, specifically Honey and Natural processes; organic practices

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Honey or a Natural coffee from Costa Rica, you may very well have Oscar and Francisca Chacon to thank for it, either directly or indirectly: They were among the pioneers of the processes, and the couple continues to improve their techniques and to push the limits of exceptional-quality production through experimentation, and with a passionate love for coffee….(read more)

Innovation Spotlight #2: Shabbir A. Ezzi

Al-Ezzi Industries; Haraaz, Yemen

Innovation: The rebirth of Yemen coffee with an emphasis on impeccable quality, traceability, and price-premium incentives

The idea that innovation in coffee means reinventing the wheel is not necessarily true: In the second Innovator Spotlight of our Innovation Series, we investigate a development project in Yemen started by Shabbir A. Ezzi, who is focused on improving both quality of coffee and quality of life without rewriting the history books in one of the world’s oldest coffee-producing countries….(read more)

Innovation Spotlight #1: Elkin Guzman

Finca El Mirador; Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Innovation: Processing techniques using advanced applied science—specifically Natural-Hydro-Honey, and other experimental methods

Young multigenerational coffee producer Elkin Guzman has always been interested in and drawn to applied science, and his approach to coffee is no different: He is inspired by methodical research and experimentation, and is something of a data nerd, especially when it comes to unlocking the secrets to top quality coffee. After watching a video presentation by Brazilian agro-engineer Dr. Flávio Borém…(read more)


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