Cafe Imports ED+U


The culinary art of roasting is the next link in the supply chain after us as importers. Our role is not only to source the best coffees in the world and ship them around the globe but also to connect our roaster clients with those specialty coffees and the producers from whom they come. We acknowledge that after the coffee is bought, there is still plenty of hard work that must be done by the roaster themself, and mastering that craft requires practice, discipline, dedication, and curiosity.

Among our diverse staff of coffee professionals are several trained and highly experienced coffee roasters who are more than happy to share not only their knowledge but also their journey toward constant improvement. (A roaster’s job is never really done.) At our offices around the world, we have fully functional sample-roasting labs, as well as a full production-roasting setup in our U.S. location.

In addition to education and advice, we can offer through our relationships with roaster clients, we are also happy to make available a wealth of online written, recorded, and video material to you, the roaster or the roaster-in-training who is thirsty for more information about the beautiful alchemy in the process of turning green coffee brown.