“Best in show”

What makes a microlot? Dedication to the craft of coffee, exceptional quality in the cup, and a lot—like, a lot—of hard work. The microlots we source are what we consider absolute best-in-show coffees, knock-outs that come in limited quantities but make a huge impact.

Our Microlot Coffee Offerings are sourced from innovative producers in innovative ways, from super high-end limited-edition Aces lots to cupping competitions and auction lots, to variety-specific separations and those coffees that are traceable down to an individual producer. Farmers are paid quality premiums for any microlot coffee, which reflects the extra planning, effort, labour, and attention to detail required to produce them, as well as rewarding the ultimate job well done.

Get to know the people and places behind our various microlot offerings by exploring the options below.

Microlot Coffee Offerings

We believe in giving credit for a job well done. In addition to paying a premium for the world’s best coffees, we are proud to be able to bring them to market bearing the specific name of the producer and/or farm or mill, in recognition of this achievement of highest quality.

What does it take to find the best cup? We believe this pursuit requires creative ways to bring small producers’ coffees to the forefront, by building opportunities and rewards that have historically been an impossibility for individual farmers. The Best Cup Competition—a cupping, scoring, and thrilling live auction hosted annually by Café Imports and our Colombian export partner Banexport—provides coffee growers and coffee roaster the unique chance to discover one another, and to make history while uncovering some of the very finest coffees in the world. Learn more about our Best Cup offerings, and find out how you can attend at our Coffee Auctions Resource page.

We work closely with our producing and export partners to maintain meticulous variety selection and separation throughout harvesting, processing, drying, milling, and shipping. Through this collaborative effort, we’re proud to offer a range of coffees that showcase the individuality of coffee varieties from around the world.