“Great-tasting coffee—true to place and profile, of reliable and consistent quality, affordable price”

Cafe Imports has always been a company built on quality, and from the very first container of Brazilian “Serra Negra” coffee we imported in 1993, we have sought to meet the diverse needs of both our roaster customers and our producing partners by having a holistic view of what “quality” means. To us, coffee quality falls along a spectrum that includes consideration of cup score, terroir characteristics, application, and, of course, price.

We believe that every roaster deserves access to great-tasting coffee that is true to place and profile, of reliable and consistent quality, at an affordable price. While that level of consistency and affordability is not always possible with the 90-point microlots or the super-special processes, it is possible to source larger lots of coffees that are versatile workhorses, solid-if-not-spectacular.

Our Signature Coffee Offerings fill that need in the marketplace: Less-expensive bulk offerings available almost year-round, with familiar profiles and clean cups and recognizable taste of place. As an integral part of our stratified buying system, these 80–84-point coffees allow us to offer our sourcing partners a stable market for a wider percentage of their overall production, providing them a home for both the hardworking majority of their bags, while also paying tiered quality premiums for the smaller anymore specialized bags they produce.

Explore what we have to offer in this economical product category below, and, as always, we hope you enjoy the coffee.