“True taste of place at its best”

Drinking coffee is a way of traveling all over the planet without leaving home: That’s why we feel it’s our job to discover the unique characteristics that each coffee source expresses, and to honour those places by bringing to market the best that they have to offer. From the many departments of Colombia to the microregions of Guatemala to the different Kenyan counties, we recognize the diversity in flavor, and want to celebrate that along with our customers and partners.

Our Regional Coffee Offerings are designed to highlight the individual profiles of particular coffee-growing areas around the world, from a departmental or provincial level all the way down to a specific community. We feel that these coffees are showcases of the true taste of a place in its best form, and are a way for hardworking producers to earn a premium on a larger percentage of their annual harvest, basis the quality in the cup.

These coffees have been measured and scored against a set of competitive sensory parameters, and we are always delighted by the results, which transport us immediately back to our favorite places and remind us of old, good friends.

Regional Coffee Offerings

The tremendous diversity of flavor and quality that exists within individual growing regions offers unique snapshots into the impact of terroir, variety, and processing that is particular even within a country’s borders. Our Regional Select program intends to highlight the distinct profiles that exist within specific microregions of large producing countries like Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru.

How about this: Farm Select offerings are slightly more traceable coffees that are sourced for quality and “taste of place” from producers who own at least 4 hectares of land and produce between 40–100 bags of coffee. The producers whose coffees are featured in this line are paid a premium in order to both account for their increased cost of production and to reward and incentivise them for the quality of their lots.

In very small coffee-producing countries like El Salvador and Costa Rica, we are able to source lots of place-representative coffees from individual communities, which allows us to support the people of a small and close-knit geographical area while also giving you access to the flavors that the combination of culture and landscape create.