Select Coffees

“True taste of place at its best”

Drinking coffee is a way of traveling the world without leaving home. We feel that it’s our job to discover each coffee source’s unique characteristics and to honor those places by bringing the best they offer to the market. From the many departments of Colombia to the microregions of Guatemala to the different Kenyan counties, we celebrate that diversity of flavor with our customers and partners through our Select Coffees.

Select Coffees highlight the distinctive profiles of specific coffee-growing areas, from a departmental or provincial level to one particular community or farm. These coffees showcase a true taste of place and time while offering hardworking producers a quality-based premium on a more significant percentage of their annual harvest. These coffees, measured and scored against competitive sensory parameters, transport us back to our favorite places and remind us of old, good friends.

Select Coffee Offerings

Individual growing regions contain tremendous diversity of flavor and quality. Our Regional Select coffees offer a snapshot into the ecosystem, farming practices, varieties, and processes exclusive to a microregion of large producing countries like Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, and Brazil.

Community Selects are typically larger lots of coffee whose quality exceeds our Signature Coffees. Often, these are lots from various producers within a single community or micro-region that work together in an official or unofficial structure to sell their coffees. Cafe Imports works closely with these producers to blend specific day lots, curating the flavor profile and retaining traceability.

Farm Select lots, produced by individual farms, are excellent, sometimes larger lots of coffee that score just under microlot quality but are perfect for roasters that value an elevated cup profile, traceability, and longevity across all of their offerings.