Legendary Coffee Tour: Cultivar Caravan

The 2018 edition of the Legendary Coffee Tour, called the Cultivar Caravan, focused on the history and significance of coffee varieties (and cultivars, and hybrids), stopping off in 10 cities across the U.S.A with a set list of our favorites to talk about and taste together—everything from heirloom Ethiopian types, to Typica and Bourbon, all the way to the mysterious Variety: Unknown.

As part of the tour, we also brought plenty of non-coffee things to taste, such as different varieties of cinnamon, olives, apples, and even varietal wines as a way of exploring and understanding the ways that different varieties can contribute to diversity of flavor. While you can’t download the snacks or coffee, you can enjoy some footage of the presentation as it was given in Minneapolis on the kick-off of the tour, as well as download the PowerPoint presentation (with presenter’s notes) for your reference, below.

LCT Minneapolis Presentation, May 4 2018

LCT Minneapolis Presentation, May 4 2018

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Downloadable Presentation

Click to download the Legendary Cupping Tour 2018: Cultivar Caravan PowerPoint Presentation, with all the info from the tour.