Rust Fungus in Colombia

In the last 2-3 years we have seen a shortage of Colombian coffee that has contributed to the high Colombian differentials (prices) and also has contributed to the worldwide coffee shortage, being the world’s largest washed coffee producer.  All of the above has also had an impact in the prices of the coffee worldwide (Coffee […]

Origin Report: Mexico 2011

  Chiapas March 2011:  El Triunfo coop CESMACH coop, Union el Triunfo By: Tim Chapdelaine People take back Mexico. The final panel in the extraordinary Diego Rivera Mural in El Palacio Nacional, Ciudad Mexico. The Diego Rivera mural is magnificent. His friendship with Trotsky and choppy marriage to Frida Kahlo fed his art. This piece, of which this photo is […]

Origin Report: Guatemala 2011

 Guatemala Origin Trip This year’s origin trip brought together two Café Imports staff, 16 wonderful guests and one very special little girl. To put it mildly…the experience was outstanding. Anacafé graciously hosted our event and traveled with us every step of the way offering all sorts of insight to the tour sites and Guatemalan culture.    Our […]

Origin Report: Kenya 2011

Amazing!  Another year where the Kenyan coffee situation looks to be worse than the previous record bad year.  The Millers and Marketers association just announced that due to a sharp revision down in supply, auctions would only be held every two weeks.  This is the first time that I’ve heard that auctions would not be a weekly event.  […]

Origin Report: Ecuador 2010

  From October 27th to 29th I was honored to be a part of the “Taza Dorada,” or Golden Cup, in Quito, Ecuador. This competition seeks to identify the best coffees of Ecuador and to show what Ecuador can bring to the specialty coffee market. A group of international and national judges spent two days cupping twenty-six […]

Origin Report: Peru 2006

Boiled Potatoes and Goat Cheese: Peru 2006 Of course one of the greatest perks of working in the coffee industry is the opportunity to travel to far away places and meet people on the other side of the business. These working relationships are the backbone of Café Imports’ mission in the world of coffee and […]