Samuel Miller

Sourcing Liason

Sam is a song-writing, food-cooking, veggie-growing, daydreaming, and ever-scheming Midwesterner who has been fortunate enough to grow up around specialty coffee for his entire life. Sam officially started with Cafe Imports in 2016 in the marketing department and is currently a "coffee traveler" in training to be a green-coffee buyer. Sam unofficially started with Cafe Imports when his father, Andrew Miller, decided to buy the container of Brazilian coffee that was the very beginning of Cafe Imports in 1993. In the past, Sam has assisted with long-term water-activity trials in both Colombia and Costa Rica, as well as interned with the customer service, sales, and sensory analysis departments, along with working in the warehouse.

You can usually find Sam on one of many Cafe Imports: Resource trips, sourcing coffees in Colombia, at the office in Minneapolis, or in Oregon where he lives with his lovely girlfriend, Kelsi, on a 7-acre farm at the very end of the road—where the sun always shines and the phones never ring.