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Cafe Imports Europe

For specific requests and general sales inquiries, e-mail:

Phone: +49 ( 0)30 69534436

Office: Oranienstrasse 58 10969 Berlin, Germany (map)

Hours: Monday through Friday 9am–5:30pm CET


Cafe Imports Europe

Oranienstrasse 58 10969 Berlin, Germany


Contact Us Europe

European Office Manager & Sales

Simone König



Adriana Rehn

Wojtek Sudder


Customer Service

Madeleine Salvaggio

Mark Lamberton


Green-Coffee Buyers

Luis Arocha

Claudia Bellinzoni

Piero Cristiani

Sam Miller


Sensory Analysis

Ian Fretheim

Megan Person

Rachel Ackermann


SVP of Sales, Partner

Noah Namowicz


CEO, SVP of Sourcing, Partner

Jason Long


Founder, Partner 

Andrew Miller