Our People

Fran McGinley

European Customer Service

Fran was adamantly against coffee as a teenager (let’s not forget that all teenagers enjoy being contrarians), set in her belief that it smelled weird, tasted unpleasant and was best left entirely untouched.  A spontaneous trip to London in 2015 set the scene for Fran’s very first sip of coffee.  A friend insisted that being open minded in what coffee could be was essential to enjoying it and with the first sip of a natural Ethiopian Flat White – she was hooked.

Trading studying Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh for slinging shots at a small specialty coffee roasters in the city, Fran found her community of people and a rewarding career that she’s delighted to be in still.  Working her way through the ranks in cafes and roasteries in Edinburgh and later Berlin she came to an impasse – she wanted to learn more about coffee and the industry around it but found few people around her to learn from and wondered if she would have to move away from the industry and pursue something else.  Thankfully not!  Now, Fran is working at Cafe Imports Europe sending samples all over, assisting customers and learning from her colleagues every single day. 

Outside of the office you might find Fran crocheting at a Berlin cafe or struggling to keep up at a dance class.