Our People

Adriana Rehn

Senior Sales Representative

Working in coffee wasn't on Adriana’s radar during high school, since she didn't drink any coffee at all until she had her first sip of a clean Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazú in 2009. She was lucky enough to skip the “milk and sugar” stops in the journey of coffee-drinking, and she hasn’t left the coffee road since.

Adriana starting off with brewing coffee as a barista in the south of Germany and in Sydney before she began giving trainings on all kinds of coffee-related topics. After spending many years working for a coffee roasting machine manufacturer, she finally found out that her real passion of tasting fantastic coffees on a daily basis and sharing this love with likeminded people could actually make a living for her.

She had left her heart in Düsseldorf, however, and she suddenly finds herself commuting between there and the office in Berlin: Her time on the train allows her to catch up on the reading wish list that stacked up over the last years.

Adriana loves to travel and to visit coffee bars and roasteries worldwide—not necessarily chasing the perfect cup, but rather absorbing all kinds of cultures and people. She'll hopefully be adding more and more coffee-producing regions to that travel list soon.

You might run into her at a cupping or find her enjoying a filter coffee: No milk. No sugar.

(Oh, and she also likes artichokes…a lot.)