Our People

Daniel Olinsky

Inside Sales Representative

Daniel’s coffee background is as diverse as his parentage - American, Swedish, Israeli. It includes the spurting sounds of the coffee brewer in his mother’s kitchen, the sweetness of emptied half-and-half creamers at diners, and boiled Arabic qahwa with cardamom spice (always consumed with something sweet).

His passion for specialty coffee began back in Israel, around the local coffee shops and roasters, and grew significantly in Berlin, to which he moved in 2015. By this point, Daniel had optimized his Bialetti moka pot technique and started collecting all the necessary gadgets for a perfect hand-brew. Surprisingly, his best cup of coffee wasn’t even a drink; biting into a Werder (Havel) farm-grown apricot, he exclaimed: “This apricot has the taste notes of a washed Ethiopian!”

His work as logistic & wholesale manager at a local bakery had him biking around the entire city in search of customers - and a great cup of coffee. The Cafe Imports Europe Berlin office was one such stop, which he both saved on his Maps app and registered in his heart, for when the opportunity to transition from a local agricultural operation and the city’s hospitality scene to the global commodity coffee chain would present itself; he was intent on replacing flour bags with coffee bags.

Daniel occasionally works as a translator, mainly in the Israeli film industry, mainly of film scripts you’ve never heard of. This creative side-hustle had sent him as far as the Cannes Film Festival, where, to the best of his knowledge, he was the first extra in a film to walk the red carpet.

He has not given up on becoming a professional NBA basketball player, meanwhile settling for pick up games on the weekends.