Our People

Madeleine Salvaggio

EU Sensory & Samples Technician

Maddi’s world coffee tour began in 2012, when she lived in Kona, Hawaii, and an opportunity to volunteer at a university coffee shop opened the door to the great caffeine community. Within the year, Maddi’s soy honey lattes had been replaced by black coffees: It was clear that a career in coffee beckoned. Wanting to see the world and experience great coffee at the same time, Maddi began exploring the continental U.S., first living in Michigan, then seeking out the best the West Coast had to offer in Seattle and Portland, Ore. Unsatisfied there, her next stop would be 5,000 miles east in Hamar, Norway, where she ran a café. Maddi reflects about the coffee-culture shift, “It was a hella good upgrade working with Scandi roasters—but don’t tell the West Coast!” 
Wanting more of the Euro lifestyle, Maddi’s java journey continued when she landed a job on the bar at Bonanza, a roastery-café in Berlin, Germany. In a short time she would climb the ranks from head barista to roast-production manager—where she discovered a love for cupping—to account manager. When further opportunities beckoned, Maddi found herself taking a year’s sabbatical at Nemesis Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia—only to realise that the only place she could wear all black and live out her Men In Black dreams was back in Berlin. (“I was Tommy Lee Jones,” she says.) 
There, fate would introduce Maddi to the Cafe Imports Europe team, where she seized the chance to cup more coffees by ensuring her application for a customer service and sensory analysis role arrived a cool 60 minutes after the job description was posted. 
A few more things you should know about Maddi: 
FACT: She spent every birthday from ages 13–17 on a different continent. 
FACT: In her free time she likes to read, draw, eat spinach, and play video games.
CRITICAL TAKEAWAY: Books are always the best gifts.