Our People

Simone König

Director of European Sales

Being a flight attendant would’ve been Simone’s absolute first career choice, but unfortunately due to strict height specifications, that career was not meant for her. 

 Instead, coffee came into her life, and she was hooked.

She moved to Berlin from an idyllic town in the Alps after graduating arts school, and soon found herself in the midst of the bustling rising new scene of specialty coffee.

She walked the path of being a barista, coffee shop manager, barista trainer, and also competitor on coffee stages both national and international. For several years she combined both her coffee knowledge and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, by co-founding one of the first Cold Brew production companies in Europe, based out of Berlin. During those years, both the understanding for small and medium businesses grew as well as her  interest in green coffee sourcing, whilst always staying present and close to the Berlin coffee community she “grew up” with.  

Nowadays, she slurps the day away with coffee whether it’ s hot or cold brew. And if you don’t catch her drinking from a cup, you will see her on the potter’s wheel making them!

At Cafe Imports, she will tell you all about her favorite origin travel experiences to El Salvador, Peru and Costa Rica, and can speak for hours about her annually returning favorite lots!