Our People


Simone König

European Office Manager & Sales

Being a flight attendant would’ve been Simone’s absolute first career choice, but unfortunately due to strict height specifications, both that and being a professional basketball player are two careers not meant for her. Instead, this half Bavarian/half Texan girl had to look through some alternative options, ranging from being a dancer, stage designer, and Feng Shui consultant.

But then coffee came into her life, and she was hooked.

It started with the typical, “I wanna be able to pour a swan into a latte”–type ambition towards coffee, until she was able to go visit coffee origin on vacation for the first time. That's where she fell for the green beans. By then, she had been a shop manager, a barista trainer, and also competed several times on coffee stages both national and international to cure her need for performance.

Nowadays, she slurps the day away with coffee whether it’ s hot or cold brew, and loves to apply her taste skills to her new craft: fermenting drinks.

Besides that, Simone is passionate also about a jog in the sunset, watching hip-hop music videos, and BBQs. 

Together with Cafe Imports, Simone is able to learn and apply so much more knowledge on coffee, sensory, and how to host roaster’s ping-pong championships—and with that help spread the love for specialty coffee in Europe.