Our People

Megan Person

Sensory Analysis Manager

Megan Person has been tasting coffee since 2004, when one cup changed her perception of coffee as just a bitter vehicle for cream and caffeine and launched her tasting adventure. For nine years she worked as a barista in the Twin Cities, eventually handing in her tamper for a spoon to join the sensory analysis team at Café Imports.

If you ask her why she likes coffee, she’ll tell you that it is an intriguing product that is complicated and engages all the senses: Coffee involves a balance of science and art that excites and engages her. She is constantly expanding her knowledge of and being challenged by the sensory science that is coffee. In her daily rounds you will find her cupping, sample roasting, sorting data and physical samples, and, of course, emptying the spittoons!

When not slurping and spitting she enjoys: munching good food and drinking brews with her husband Shawn around the Twin Cities; camping with her family; making fun of scary movies with her friends; entertaining her cat, Taco; or getting lost in a good book—preferably in the back yard with a cup of coffee and that cat in her lap. Yup, Megan is a big nerd who loves to laugh and learn.