Our People

Chad Barasch

Operations Manager

Chad has been working in coffee for as long as he could be working. Barging his way in to a café at the age of 14 and forcing them to show him the ways of espresso was just the start to a lifelong career. His having been born and raised in Portland, Ore., only helped develop and nurture a natural love for coffee.

After college and numerous barista positions, Chad moved with his girlfriend to northeast Mississippi, where he fell in love with her and solidified his passion for all things café.  He worked as a general manager for a startup shop, and continued his pursuit of the perfect cup. After a good stint there, he made the move to Minneapolis and joined the Cafe Imports team in the fall of 2015.

Although after all this you might think Chad spends his free time still consuming coffee, but you’d be wrong: Outside of the job, he has an adorable dog and a fantastic wife, Jessy (she of northeast Mississippi and falling in love). They reside in St. Paul and love to spend their time hosting elaborate dinner gatherings, exploring the woods, and gallivanting through their local dive bars.