Our People

Matt Brown

Outside Sales Manager

Matt spent his early years growing up in Wisconsin, developing a silent affinity for cold winters and hot dishes of every variety. Upon completing studies at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, he began the search for what might come next and where. A chance meeting with an old friend ultimately led to a minor exodus across the river to Minnesota, with little more than a Google Map and a prayer guiding the future.

It was here that Matt had his first experience with specialty coffee, taken aback by the fresh scent of blueberry bursting from a bag of Natural-processed Ethiopian. A short time later, he walked through the doors at Cafe Imports during Coffee Fest Minneapolis, never dreaming that his growing love for the complex little bean was only the precursor to an exciting career. 

Now Matt is blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the greatest people around, serving an industry full of unique challenges and opportunities.  e couldn’t be more thankful for all the people that helped/pushed him along the way, and hopes that a lifetime supply of hot, caffeinated beverages can somehow help to repay them. Every day in coffee is different from the one before, with no end of new things to be learned. 

Rumor has it that if you ever find Matt outside of Cafe Imports, he’ll probably be swinging (or breaking) a golf club, cheering on the Cowboys (yes, the Dallas Cowboys), making an excuse why it is indeed important to be watching just one more movie at 2am, strumming on a guitar, or running through his house while listening to music at high volumes. Who really knows how rumors start, though . . . right?