Our People

Devon Barker

Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement

Devon was kicked out the back door early in life with not much more than a camera, smile, and his yellow lab to keep him company to explore the mountains of northern Colorado. If the weekend wasn't spent wandering through Zirkel Wilderness it was spent turning wrenches on a snowmobile or Land Cruiser.

The adventure bug bit hard and led him to travel as often as possible while pursuing a degree in Digital Media at CMC Spring Valley and Brooks Institute of Photography. He may have been been covered in mud or shown up in hiking boots for a few classes, but the power of storytelling as a tool to engage and learn from people and cultures is a lesson he has never forgotten. Following this love for storytelling and the outdoors, Devon found coffee through the lens when an NGO project led him and his wife to move to the highlands of Guatemala for a season. There they learned about coffee production, farm economics, and the changing landscape of labor and inheritance that surrounds the coffee industry in Central America. Devon continues to regularly travel to coffee producing countries for his non-profit and consultancy, building platforms that connect NGOs with local creative talent, and researching coffee supply-chain sustainability. He now serves as Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement lead for Cafe Imports.