Our People


Jessica Boo

Senior Sales Representative

Jess Boo, born and raised in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, she loves the place she calls home. She has lived through the Minnesota winters and survived the summer construction, only for her affinity of the land to grow.

Jessica has been with Cafe Imports almost a decade. Over that time, she met her husband who also started his career at Cafe Imports and welcomed the sweetest baby boy into their family in early 2024.

If you know Jess well, you know that she is passionate about story, whether it takes the form of an autobiography penned by a little girl during the Holocaust, or it comes from the man sitting next to her on the train; she is fascinated with the human dynamic. One of the things that continually hooks her interest in coffee is the story that weaves through the labor, care, and craft, which is associated with each and every cup.

Outside of the 8 to 5 of office life, you can find her walking her Bernese Mountain Dog Coco, working in her garden, hiking with her husband, giggling with her son, treating herself to a delicious meal at one of Minneapolis fine restaurants, teasing those she loves most, and celebrating anything life allows!