Our People

Hannah Sivertson

Marketing Assistant

Hannah is from Fargo, ND and will gladly give you recs for all the best spots in town. Growing up, she played ice hockey as a goalie and was initially hoping to play in college. This lost its appeal and she started working as a barista right out of high school. She knew she wanted to work in coffee, but she spent a few years in college trying to figure out what else she might like to do. She eventually landed on studying communications, graduating from North Dakota State University at the end of 2019.

Throughout college, Hannah worked her way up in the Fargo coffee scene from a grocery store Caribou to a different local cafes. At the time she graduated, she was working at a local shop that had just opened their first brick-and-mortar location. This job solidified that she would love to make coffee her career. The owners were cool enough to trust her with all things marketing and design, and she credits this for really building her skills in these areas. After six years as a barista, she decided it was time to move on and made the move to Minneapolis to try out an office job. She spent a little time working in the dog apparel industry before finding her way back to coffee with Cafe Imports.

Aside from coffee, Hannah loves music, photography, and food and drinks. One of her favorite things about Minneapolis is all the live music that comes through the city. There is never a shortage of shows to check out. She’s been taking photos as long as she can remember. Today she shoots both film and digital and loves traveling with her cameras. You can also find her exploring different restaurants, cafes, and breweries near and far.