Our People


Katie Bennett

Sales Representative

Katie was born in Phoenix, AZ. She grew up in and out of Colorado, spending stretches of time in Indiana; England; and the Netherlands, where she learned to speak Dutch and ride a bike. Moving as a child awakened a deep passion and curiosity to experience other cultures, and she jumped at every chance to travel, including a summer in the Middle East as a teenager. These days, she remembers how to speak Dutch every time she visits the Netherlands—but the only Arabic she recalls are curse words.
Her coffee journey began in 2012 when she found herself back in southern Colorado. After a stint at Starbucks, she moved to Colorado Springs and began her career in specialty coffee. She worked as a barista and production roaster in a specialty café and roastery. Eventually she became head roaster and green buyer, and delved head-first into all that entailed. After several years of purchasing coffee from Cafe Imports and admiring them from afar, she was thrilled to join the team and see the coffee world from a different angle. 
She’s passionate about tattoos, food science, books, and social justice. She spends her time going on long walks, cooking, and learning as much as she can about the things that interest her—whether that’s poetry, wine, or rock climbing. You can follow her on Instagram at @nextbestcoast.