Our People

Kate Campbell

Supply Chain Specialist

Kate is an Ohio native that recently moved to Minnesota to join the Cafe Imports crew! She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s in Latin American Studies. Then started working at a coffee shop and realized she had found her niche - thus began her obsession with coffee.

Kate worked as a barista for a good few years, wiggled around various coffee shop roles, and then got an opportunity to roast coffee! Roasting coffee was amazing, and introduced her to Cafe Imports.  She’s dabbled in a few other things but has always been about coffee!

Kate has Colombian family, which has allowed her to speak Spanish pretty well, and sometimes Portuguese. She’s traveled a little bit around central America, either taking classes or hopping on buses. Serendipity placed her at a coffee farm one random day in Costa Rica, and she might have cried a few tears of joy and overstayed a little bit.

She has two cats that are the fuel to her fire, and they are complete goofballs. Apart from coffee, she usually watches weird history documentaries or is out trying to learn quad skate tricks. Maybe she’s painting nature scenery, or she could be going rogue on a meticulous recipe, who knows?!