Our People

Sally Rivera

Inside Sales Manager

Sally has always been a friendly, people-oriented person, so she naturally gravitated toward work that focused on human interaction, eventually leading her to Cafe Imports. She loves hearing and telling stories, and was drawn to coffee in this regard—storytelling. Her favorite life moments almost always involve a good “cuppa joe.”

Her comfort in being around people not only drove her toward a customer-service career, but also toward her love for and study of language and cultures. Although she has a degree in Spanish and Latin American studies, she insists that her becoming bilingual developed out of the intense travels she and her best bud ventured upon during college. They would undertake a new adventure every chance given to them, exploring different countries, the vast majority in Latin America. Throughout her life, Sally has developed true passions for salsa dancing, reading, long walks (to avoid long runs), sushi, Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, fall colors, massages, peanut butter, and a good rain.

These days, most of Sally’s time abroad is spent in Colombia, the homeland of her beloved husband, Javier. She and Javier now enjoy a peaceful, quiet life tucked inside the hustle and bustle of the city with their son, Marco and daughter, Elena. Sally has kept her recent travels closer to home with road trips around the country and frequent visits to her childhood home in northern Wisconsin, where she lives it up waterskiing, swimming, hiking, camping, and just being on the lake. Sally loves her life and is thrilled by the direction Cafe Imports has taken her.