Our People

Shannon Elder

Position Analyst – Supply Chain Specialist

Shannon was born and raised in Omaha, NE. She spent her childhood building things with whatever materials she found in the garage, exploring, riding horses, and bringing home stray dogs. As an adult, she tries to make time for those things as well. To Shannon, coffee is an opportunity for gathering. Drinking coffee with family at breakfast and dinner, she grew a natural curiosity for what was going on behind the scenes. She worked as a barista in college, where she learned about processing and brew methods. Upon graduation, Shannon started a cold brew vending business. She served cold brew and nitro coffee out of an electric bike at a variety of markets and events. Eventually, her need to continue learning lead her to take a job roasting for a local Omaha coffee shop where she became head roaster.

Joining Cafe Imports was an inspiring opportunity to work alongside passionate coffee people connecting globally. When she’s not working, she is shuffling through 5 books at a time, writing poetry, pursuing her MBA, veganizing traditional Palestinian recipes, and spending time with her dogs and family.