Our People

Kori Booth

Sensory Analysis

Kori grew up in beautiful northern Minnesota with not much of an idea of what coffee was all about. Being used to the diner coffee at her local breakfast spot, she was convinced that all coffee tasted the same. That was until she moved down south to the small town of Saint Peter and started her coffee journey.

From learning how to dial in espresso, to cupping in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Kori felt like she only scratched the surface as to what coffee was all about. Not knowing there were expos, latte throwdowns, cupping competitions, and so much more. Slowly learning over the course of 5 years, she felt like she started to grasp the general knowledge, but still craving to learn more.

Applying to Café Imports was the next step in her journey!

The end goal is for her to own a small coffee shop in Norway where her neighbors are sheep and rolling green hills. But for now, she’s enjoying the bustling city at night and the cool coffee sips in the morning.